Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm on vacation this week. This has been the most enjoyable week of my entire summer thus far.
I am relaxed, and I am happy. I went to the movies, I went to Pt. Pleasant, I went to the catskills, I cooked and cleaned like an adult (what!), I spent a lot of time with a lot of friends, and a whole lot of time with the coolest dude I know. ;)

That being said, my pictures are also on vacation this week; they're relaxing in a folder on my desktop and will be staying put right there until they're well-rested next week.

I hope your week is going at least half as great as mine! :)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Anarchy

Last month, Staten Island's own Happy Anarchy played at the Mercury Lounge. I took pictures (dot blogspot dot com!). They are an AMAZING band, for serious. No pretentiousness, no bullshit, just some genuinely good fucking music. I have a huge history of taking pictures of live bands, it was certainly my thing. My greatest pictures (for myself) were of the bands whose music and members I truly loved. When a band who makes music for the sake of making music, seeing people enjoy their music, sharing their music, you can tell. I can tell, anyway! I think that as a photographer, my pictures are only as good as the band's music. Get it? For me, if they suck, the pictures suck. Great pictures aren't in forced rockstar facial gestures and cool guitars, they're in the moments that aren't being planned and overthought. A good picture should capture just how genuine and sincere a moment is. And music should be nothing else but genuine and sincere (well, it should also be good, too :p ). Art in any form should spawn more art in every form. This is my art. :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A day at the park

Come spend a day at the park with me and the kids....

A day at the park involves running, climbing, swinging, and sliding. But most of all, it involves laughing and playing and enjoying the shit out of being a little kid at the park. When Taylor is happy, she thoroughly enjoys the shit out of whatever she's doing. I love it.

A day spent at the park could easily leave a child parched.

Lunch break! Hot dogs and coke.

Mid-air conversations.

Kids rolling on rolling pins.

Kaylie reflecting on a long day at the park.

That's all, folks!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Well, I'm sure no one was here searching for an update yesterday, but I apologize for the lack of, regardless. Here is your Wednesday update on Thursday. ;)

This is my brother's son, JoJo. He loves music. He sits at the piano at my house all the time, and always asks to play my guitars. He has his own guitar and a drumset at his house. I think it's pretty awesome that his parents encourage that and I hope they continue to.

One of my all-time favorites. My brother Joey and his daughter Jacqueline. This one epitomizes the two of them for me.

Family time in the kitchen. Mom, Dad, and Jay.

These are my sister's kids: Kaylie, Gabriella, and Sabrina. They're like my little sisters. I'm trying to make sure they grow up to be as cool as me. Gabby is the one that's kinda crazy and I kinda love it.

Thank you, and goodnight. :)